Contact Information

Have questions? Interested in working with us?  Feel free to contact us at:

Or if you would like to drop us some of your music in our soundcloud drop box at If you want to share your deep house music with us, please make sure it is no less then 320 Kbps and there is some relevant artist info for us to learn about you 🙂 Please do not send us demo’s you have had for free download, we will not release any tracks that have been free in the public domain.

No information you share with us (emails/names) will be shared with third parties.

Dear Pirates:

I happen to enjoy sending out DMCA Notices and do not doubt that let alone will I send you personally a DMCA Notice I will also send it to your ISP Provider and Google if you choose to make it especially difficult for me to contact you or you do not take the material down. If you just happen to be a music lover and want to write a blog post, a review, make a youtube video ect, please feel free to contact us. We are more then happy to work with bloggers, artists, dj’s, and radio shows but if you do not get our consent first to use our material, I will send you a DMCA Notice.

So play nice and just ask first 🙂

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