We’ve Moved!

We’ve talked about merging our blog and website for years but I’ve alway been too intimidated to actually build a website myself. Come to find out with a little patience and work, it wasn’t that hard at all and I am really happy to have finally gotten the whole thing under one roof.

If you are already a subscriber, I strongly encourage you to head on over to the blog and subscribe as I have been unable to transfer the subscriptions over. If you aren’t, no like the time to hop on board. I don’t normally post enough for it become annoying and this way you are guaranteed to stay up to date with all the goings on around here from our Charts and advice articles to our Q&A’s and Give-Aways.

I will be leaving this blog up just a little while longer but soon I will be saying goodbye and only the new blog will be updated with new content.
I would love for you to head on over to the blog and website and let me know what you think of the new design.


DeepWit Recordings

DeepWit Recordings New Blog Located on our Website

DeepWit Essentials Week 12

I’m going to come right out and say I would love to offer a valid excuse for not having kept up with the blog chart. Honestly though, I don’t have one. Yes we have been busy with building a new website, where this blog will call home along all of our other awesome stuff. Yes, it is warming up, which means more time preparing the vegetable garden for planting and getting new fruit bushes in the ground. Yes, we did decide to start on a ridiculously huge release schedule for the year, with something like a release every week. Oh and have I mentioned I’ve taken up knitting? Ok I feel much better about having dropped off from the DeepWit Essentials posts in the last three months but I plan on making them a bi-weekly habit again, alongside writing more advice posts, how-to’s and Q & A’s. Maybe slide in a few guest posts and charts if I can manage to get anyone interested! And with no further chit chat let me start off on this weeks essential tunes.

This one is a bit older, from last month. Which lets be honest, with quality music there isn’t an expiration date. Thanks Stratospherik for always putting out quality music, we are big fans of the Stratoliner sound.



Up next, another one from last month we missed out on. This one comes from Ready Mix Records and Addex plus remixers. We are really partial to the Original and Forteba Remix.



And now for some more recent stuff, including this great remix on Lagaffee Tales. The entire release is lovely but the Lay-Far remix really hits the spot.



This one from the Allovers on Pole Position Records is exactly what we like in a Dub.



As a general rule, you can count on DeepClass Records to come up with some lovely deep stuff and this EP from Hraach is no exception.


Here is the latest from Adaptation Music with Yan Gordo is an all around charmer, especially the Yohan Esprada Remix.



Now for some floor moving sounds from Tim Andresen on his own label What Happens.


And it wouldn’t be fitting to make an entire chart without adding in our latest release with Venntaur, which has been blowing up across the globe, getting massive airplay and support due to how very awesome it is. Just Listen.


To finish off the digital side and bordering on the vinyl we have this remix from Kalabrese of “Signs” from the Howling. Something that should be in all our collections.


This Vinyl releases on Big Bait Records with Odysea, Georgi Barrel, Joseph Tacker and Hendrik Vogel is available now.


And the last of our chart this week is another Vinyl but in it’s pre-order stage from Muzik & Friendz and we love the Pablo Bolivar remix of Frederick Alonso & Pat Lezizmo‘s track “Tablao”.


See I told you, I’ve been busy.

Get Your Mixes Noticed

We have a ton of mixes shared with us on a regular basis. We listen to dozens of mixes a week. We promote and share mixes constantly and we of course have our own monthly mix “DeepWit Sessions“. With that in mind, there is no way we would have the chance to listen to every mix out there, which means often mixes that feature either Alvaro’s music or music from the label will win out over mixes that don’t feature our music. Good news for DeepWit supports though is that if you play our music, we will go out of our way to send some love back to you by sharing your mix far and wide via our Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flipboard and Facebook.

Unsurprisingly a lot of mixes go unnoticed and unplayed though. Here is a a list of what we consider to be the most important parts of getting your mixes heard by the masses.

  • Artwork and Design that both calls attention and already gives the listener an idea of who and what they are listening to. Keep the artwork relevant, which normally shouldn’t involve sexualising women or being discriminatory towards different groups of humanity. (Check out this post on Artist names if you haven’t picked yours yet).
  • A track listing. I can not stress the importance of this, including making it easier for labels and artist to see you have supported them (yay more likes and shares!) to giving your listeners a chance to see your good taste before they ever hit the play button. (You can check out more reasons why here.)
  • Sharing directly with the artist and labels you have supported in your mix. Make sure to tell them one of their tracks is included! This makes sure they will at least give it a quick listen and are more likely to pass it onto their followers, if it is a good quality mix and has a track list of course.
  • Building a base of supporters who enjoy your mixes. This takes time, effort and networking. But you got into Djing because you wanted to share your love of music anyways, so just think of this as more reason to make friends in the music scene.
  • Social Media is your Friend. Share your mixes in a thousand different ways after having uploaded them to sites like Soundcloud and Mixcloud, two of the friendlier more universal services out there but there are several great sites to use. Don’t stop there though, share your mixes via your Twitter, Personal and Artist Facebook pages, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Flipboard, Instagram, Tumblr, ect.

Get Your Mix Heard