DeepWit Essentials Week 12

I’m going to come right out and say I would love to offer a valid excuse for not having kept up with the blog chart. Honestly though, I don’t have one. Yes we have been busy with building a new website, where this blog will call home along all of our other awesome stuff. Yes, it is warming up, which means more time preparing the vegetable garden for planting and getting new fruit bushes in the ground. Yes, we did decide to start on a ridiculously huge release schedule for the year, with something like a release every week. Oh and have I mentioned I’ve taken up knitting? Ok I feel much better about having dropped off from the DeepWit Essentials posts in the last three months but I plan on making them a bi-weekly habit again, alongside writing more advice posts, how-to’s and Q & A’s. Maybe slide in a few guest posts and charts if I can manage to get anyone interested! And with no further chit chat let me start off on this weeks essential tunes.

This one is a bit older, from last month. Which lets be honest, with quality music there isn’t an expiration date. Thanks Stratospherik for always putting out quality music, we are big fans of the Stratoliner sound.



Up next, another one from last month we missed out on. This one comes from Ready Mix Records and Addex plus remixers. We are really partial to the Original and Forteba Remix.



And now for some more recent stuff, including this great remix on Lagaffee Tales. The entire release is lovely but the Lay-Far remix really hits the spot.



This one from the Allovers on Pole Position Records is exactly what we like in a Dub.



As a general rule, you can count on DeepClass Records to come up with some lovely deep stuff and this EP from Hraach is no exception.


Here is the latest from Adaptation Music with Yan Gordo is an all around charmer, especially the Yohan Esprada Remix.



Now for some floor moving sounds from Tim Andresen on his own label What Happens.


And it wouldn’t be fitting to make an entire chart without adding in our latest release with Venntaur, which has been blowing up across the globe, getting massive airplay and support due to how very awesome it is. Just Listen.


To finish off the digital side and bordering on the vinyl we have this remix from Kalabrese of “Signs” from the Howling. Something that should be in all our collections.


This Vinyl releases on Big Bait Records with Odysea, Georgi Barrel, Joseph Tacker and Hendrik Vogel is available now.


And the last of our chart this week is another Vinyl but in it’s pre-order stage from Muzik & Friendz and we love the Pablo Bolivar remix of Frederick Alonso & Pat Lezizmo‘s track “Tablao”.


See I told you, I’ve been busy.


Q&A with Venntaur

Venntaur, a music producer and a DJ from Tampere, Finland, combines in his deep house the things that he loves: chest-pounding bass, soulful melodies, smooth ambience and groovy rhythms. All of this you can find on his brand new EP with us here on DeepWit, “Hillside“.
Venntaur is currently having fun in the studio and channeling his music-making experience of nearly two decades into fresh dancefloor-friendly tunes.
The future may be an infinite sea of possibilites, but one thing is certain for Venntaur: there will be music that moves you.


Q. Name and Favourite time of day?

I’m Antti Pekka Vilkko a.k.a. Venntaur. I like early mornings if I’ve managed to get enough sleep. It’s the best time to work on your projects because it’s quiet and your brain is not yet overloaded. On the other hand there’s also something intriguing in the deep of the night.

Q. What drives you to make music?

Inner necessity. Making music makes me happy. It’s my “in the zone” thing. That’s the main reason for doing anything in life, isn’t it? Secondary reasons might be connecting with people, making a mark in the world, small or large. Getting nice feedback on my music adds to the forward momentum too.

Q. What program do you use to Produce?

Ableton Live 8. My favorite plugins are from Native Instruments, Audiorealism, Togu Audio Line and Variety Of Sound.

Q. Do you prefer to produce with shoes on or off?

Shoes off, double woolly socks on if it’s cold.

Q. How long have you been Djing?

Not long. I started DJing when I started making music as Venntaur, spring 2013.

Q. Favourite Genre of music outside of what you produce?

Tough one because there are so many. My preferences change according to mood and time of day: for energy I go with technical/math/prog metal like Textures or Meshuggah; if it’s time for a feel trip I put on folkier stuff like Daughter or Anaïs Mitchell; for fun and good times it’s cheesy 80s synth pop or Finnish rap.

Q. What is the best part of living in Finland?

This country is relatively free (as in not oppressed) and laid back. People are generally direct and honest. Nightless nights in the summer. Good opportunities to spend time outdoors in the beautiful nature. Most importantly proper saunas.

Q. What do you get up to outside of music?

Last year I wrote a lot about creativity and productivity in my blog. I also wrote a book about the subject. (Finnish only, sorry.) I haven’t been active in that area lately though, which might be a good thing because there’s more time to make music. If I get a strong inspiration I might work on my own programming projects. To keep in shape I go to CrossFit.

Q. Do you better like better zoos or aquariums?

Zoos, although they might be a bit depressing if you notice that the animals are stressed or apathetic.

Q. Favourite country to eat cake in?

My memory in these kinds of things goes back maybe one week max and before that it’s all a blur :). So I can’t really tell if I’ve eaten cake anywhere else than Finland. Anyways, cake is cake regardless of location. Just eat it and enjoy the moment.

Q. What is the question you wished people would ask you?

I wish they’d ask themselves “Who am I? What is the true nature of this consciousness I am experiencing?” and then we could discuss it.

Make sure to catch up on Ventaur on his Facebook and website, meanwhile you can hear his sounds on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Venntaur – Hillside

Venntaur, a Finnish musician for over two decades has joined us here at DeepWit. The three tracks offered up are nothing but well crafted, well balanced and hypnotic. They will carry you away to another place where life moves in sound and texture. Climbing The Hill That Is You is an emotive, warm and sensual track while Consequences is more of an eclectic groover made to inspire with its visionary sounds. The last track, Never Knew, is a moody, expressive and enchantingly scenic track to completely take you away from it all.

The true value of music is in it’s ability to move you and this EP will move you to your very core.

What People Are Saying About It

When music possesses poise and confidence, it’s immediately apparent! – Marco Deep

These are stunning, beautiful deep house. – Simon Kirk

Outstanding Deep House – All three tracks are just effortlessly brilliant, oozing class & style. Deep House in the correct way, not the way Beatport would lead us to believe it sounds. – Al Bradly

One of the best EPs I’ve had the pleasure to listen to n the last 2-3 years. Stunning.  – DJ Deeka

Beautifully crafted piece of music. – Tom Conrad

Love Consequences. Great Groove – Hippie Torrales

Incredible real dream sound, took me away listening to this! – Distant People

House Music with a feeling. – Dj Deev

Classy, emotive and instantly warming. – Richie from UM

Wakes up feelings. – MrP

With more support flowing from Robert Owens, Lars Behrenroth, Olga Flapper, Cooccer, Kane Ian, Leri Ahel, Jason Pinto, David Jones, Andrew Duke, 2lani The Warrior, Kiyo to, Mark Mac, Patrick Devereux, Rory Cochrane, Zeque, Sezer Uysal, Loz Goddard, Chang Bang, Laurent N., Rissa Garcia, Deep Active Sound,  Sumsuch, Dr. Best, Craig Tunner, Nosak, Manel Sanmartin, Miss Disk, Deep Spelle, Dallomo, Alinep, Carlo Gambino, Cadatta, Tom Vagabondo, Amir Groove, Dj Mfr, Johannes,  This Is Why We Dance, WestRadio, TunnelFM and more.

Grab Your Copy on Bandcamp or Beatport.