Jazz Me Up – Youtube Video Competition

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Every once in a while we like to run Competitions. Mostly we do it out of hopes of exposing the great talent that is out there in our fan base as well as for it’s entertainment value. We have in the past done competitions for Best Mix of DeepWit Tracks (winner in 2012 was DJ Di Costa and in 2013 Deep Space House) as well as Remix competitions (Enough Remixed in 2013). This time around we want to bring you a new sort of competition, one that focuses on the more visual aspects of the way we enjoy music, aka Youtube.

Competition Details

Download the track preview from Soundcloud here – Jazz Me Up on Soundcloud

Create a 2 minute Video in whatever style you choose, please nothing sexist or violent.

Upload the video on your Youtube channel. Remember to  include links to the Gareth Bilaney and DeepWit Recordings in the info and share the link with us via Facebook, Soundcloud or Email by November 2nd, 2014.

The winner will be announced on November 8th, 2014.

What the Winner will Receive

The winner will receive the Deep Noon Digital LP, our special edition DeepWit Collections CD and an exclusive 50% Discount Code on our Bandcamp page for the next year.

The winning video will also be used in the Promotion of the Single next year with all credits going to the creator with whatever links you wish us to use.




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Here at DeepWit we are transitioning from offering our podcast “DeepWit Sessions” exclusively for download to our once monthly Newsletter subscribers to it now being available on iTunes. Which includes of course the ability to download the show there as well as where we host the show on our Soundcloud after airing on Proton Radio, West Radio, and DE Radio.

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We decided the best way to lure you in would be start giving away one of our “DeepWit Collections CD” every month to our Subscribers. Alongside giving out one of our CD’s every month for free, we will be including exclusive giveaways and sales offers for our bandcamp only available to those signed up.

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