DeepWit Essentials // Weeks 34 – 37

I am not exactly a morning person. Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. I can promise though, that as a non-morning person, one of the best ways for me to start off the day the right way is of course with a cup of coffee and some perfectly laid back music. As the day progresses maybe I need something a bit more uplifting and eventually work my way into the mood for some proper Deep House and House sounds.

This to me, is what would qualify is a perfectly musical day. A big thanks to all the labels and artists that didn’t disappoint with your lovely vibes :)

Let’s start out with a new remix of an old track from Kollektiv Turmestrasse, musical art with an awesome video. Big respect to Dynamic for pretty much being awesome.

Moving right along to not just one but two albums from Cold Busted. The first one are some instrumentals off a Hip Hop album which I can’t get enough of. A class full of groove and if you enjoy them I recommend checking out the Original Album, even if your not “into” that sort of stuff.

And this second album from afore said label comes from a kid, ya a kid, way too talented for his young years. I really look forward to keeping an eye on this YellowJacket fellow to see what other creatively original sounds he puts out in the future.

Now, I generally shop on iTunes but when given the chance I will always, ALWAYS pick Bandcamp. And since you are there anyways buying the last two albums, you can go ahead and pick up this compilation from Peng, just in case you were missing some of these classy tunes.

Which is the perfect segue into the new EP from Kiano & Below Bangkok on Ready Mix Records.

Now safely in the world of Deep House, I have to say I am really enjoying this EP from Deephope on Deep Clicks.

And if you need something a bit more lush, Deported Music delivers with these two great tracks from our friends Soulight.

Then there is the new EP from Loz Goddard on Large Music. A big congratulations to him on this killer release.

Now this last track here from Ezlv on Save Room Records is really up my ally, deep and housey (is housey a word?) and perfect with a glass of wine and good conversation. Perfect way to end a day eh?

Q&A with Russell Deeks // This Is Why We Dance

TIWWD is a blog we have been lucky enough to have gotten featured on several times over the last few years that reviews music from across the EDM scene. With several dozen reviews appearing on the site every month, this is definitely one of the more active and in our opinion, accurate sites out there helping us wade through the tons of new music that is released every month. We decided we wanted to get to know more about the man behind “This Is Why We Dance” and this is what came of it.

734271_444010448987495_782840966_n  Q. How did you from an American Literature major to reviewing music on your own blog? 

A. It’s a long story involving Johnny Marr’s guitar roadie and an ex-editor of The Mail On Sunday (true!) but basically I’ve always had two passions, words and music. Then at the age of 24 or so, had a ‘lightbulb moment’ and realised I could actually combine the two. Started reviewing house records for a local magazine in Manchester and it went from there.

Q. How long have you been involved in Electronic music?

A. Professionally over 20 years, even longer as a fan (obviously).

Q. Are you still producing and remixing?

A. The biggest regret in my life is that as much as I love (and almost pathologically obsessed by) music, I’m UTTERLY RUBBISH at making it. I’m a failed guitarist, a failed saxophonist… and a failed producer. I have a mess about at home sometimes but it’s not for anyone else’s ears. I still DJ if anyone asks me to, but it’s not something I’m really pushing.

Q. This Is Why We Dance is one of our favourite review blogs, how long have you been been running this beast of a blog?

A. Thank you for your kind words! Over five years now.

Q. What are your favourite genre’s to review?

A. Well, deep house and garage are my true musical loves but I like lots of different music. One of the reasons for starting TIWWD was that when I was editor of iDJ magazine I ONLY reviewed house – I’d get sent techno or D&B or downtempo records I liked and not get a chance to write about them. So while house and garage in various shades are TIWWD’s bread and butter, I do like to mix it up a bit.

Q. How’s the pay?

A. Non-existent, apart from good people like yourself sending me excellent music for free of course. For which a million thanks! But I quite like that TIWWD is a non-profit, ‘4 da love’ kinda thing. Keepin’ it underground yagetmi?! Ha ha.

Q. If someone wanted to have you review their or their labels music, where do they send promo’s?

A. The best thing is to email Nice and simple!

Q. What is the best way to make you NOT want to review music someone sends you?

A. If it says ‘trance’ or ‘electrohouse’ on the hype sheet, that’s an instant no-no! No disrespect to those communities, there are some lovely people working in trance especially, but it’s not my cup of tea. The other big problem I get, is people not including release dates with their promos. However much I’m digging a tune, I can’t review it if I don’t know if it came out two weeks ago or isn’t out till Xmas!

Q. Where can people stay up to date with all the music you review?

A. My Website and Facebook. I don’t do/get Twitter…  (editors note: we don’t really “get” twitter either…)

Thank you so much Russel for taking the time to join us in this little Q&A. It is always a pleasure to see our music reviewed on TIWWD and we highly recommend anyone who isn’t a fan to immediately become so. In a day in age where there is more music than we could ever listen to, it’s nice to have a good set of ear’s out there helping us sort the good from the bad.

Where do you shop?

The music we purchase says as much about us I think, as does where we buy our music.

So tell us, where do YOU prefer to buy your music?




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