DeepWit Essentials // Weeks 38 & 39

The weather here has started changing and as it happens every year it goes from warm to cold way to fast for my tastes. Even the trees get little time to adjust with the most common thing being the dropping of leaves before even half have a tint of colour on them. With the cold comes the desire to spend more time under the blankets, fireplace going and nothing but a good book and some excellent music in the background. Of course there are other times were we still need a bit of happy House sounds to keep a smile on our faces and some lovely Deep House for the evenings while making dinner and catching up on the days chores. Every type of music has a mood that helps it fit into those certain places in our lives and we hope some of these tracks find a place in yours.



I want to start off with this outstanding mellow Album from our Mastering Engineer here at DeepWit, Nikosf. You can grab this beautiful release on vinyl and digitally if thats the route you prefer.

After all the chilled out moods we move onto a release from Chillin Music, with their “10 Years of Chillin Music” compilation. Some really outstanding tracks here that go beyond the genre the name implies.

And from one VA to another, this one comes from Haute Musique. With some lush deep vibes from producers  BiG Al, Adam Byrd, Jero Nougues, Kiano & Below BangkokMoe Turk, Anthony Mea and Tamandua Twist you can’t go wrong getting your hands on this.

Speaking of BiG Al, he has a killer remix out on Soul Deeparture Records of Phasen and Refurbs track “Comfortable”.

If you are looking for something deep and mellow, look no farther than Jero Nougues new EP on the brand new label Limitation Music.

And if you are needing something deep and for the dance floor, I can’t think of a better track than Miss Disk‘s remix of Fabien Kamb‘s track “Free” on Ready Mix Records. A head down groove I can’t get enough of.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a DeepWit chart without some DeepClass Records love, this new one from Jarquin & Cano is well, deep class all the way through :)

Now, I have to admit there really is nothing like some happy sounding synths to put a smile on my face and this very Happy House track from Bordland on Dimentique is perfect for just that.

Speaking of happy, feel good House music, it would be a shame to miss out on this great track from Other2Sides on Muskox Records.

And to finish us off for the week is this remix from Edu Imbernon on Fayer Records of Qtier is just… well it leaves me speechless. I love this track and I dare you to listen to it and not feel the same.

Global Witness – Charity Compilation

GW small




 Often times there is no more a reward for donating to charity than that warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you have done something good. And although that feeling combined with making the world a better place is a good enough reason to put some cash into a good cause, we are offering you even something a bit more, music. DeepWit, combined with several talented artists, have created a beautiful 10 track album that crosses the border from Chillout, to Electronica and onto Indie Dance and Deep House.

This album is aimed more towards easy listening, adventures in your car, nights entertaining and romancing  that lady you like into the world of House music.

All while making yourself feel good knowing that your money is going to Global Witness, you can be assured that they are working towards a better future for us all by investigating corruption throughout the world and bringing the information to light while working to change the system for the better.

Learn more about Global Witness by clicking here.

A big thank you to everyone involved in creating this beautiful release from our Graphic Designer, Tek Killa, our Mastering Engineer, Nikosf. and all the artists involved including Kiano & Below Bangkok, Jonbjorn, Dave Marian, Distortion Inc., Mesake, MrP, Alvaro Hylander, Santiago Santamaria, Mutca, and Tony S.


DeepWit Essentials // Weeks 34 – 37

I am not exactly a morning person. Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. I can promise though, that as a non-morning person, one of the best ways for me to start off the day the right way is of course with a cup of coffee and some perfectly laid back music. As the day progresses maybe I need something a bit more uplifting and eventually work my way into the mood for some proper Deep House and House sounds.

This to me, is what would qualify is a perfectly musical day. A big thanks to all the labels and artists that didn’t disappoint with your lovely vibes :)

Let’s start out with a new remix of an old track from Kollektiv Turmestrasse, musical art with an awesome video. Big respect to Dynamic for pretty much being awesome.

Moving right along to not just one but two albums from Cold Busted. The first one are some instrumentals off a Hip Hop album which I can’t get enough of. A class full of groove and if you enjoy them I recommend checking out the Original Album, even if your not “into” that sort of stuff.

And this second album from afore said label comes from a kid, ya a kid, way too talented for his young years. I really look forward to keeping an eye on this YellowJacket fellow to see what other creatively original sounds he puts out in the future.

Now, I generally shop on iTunes but when given the chance I will always, ALWAYS pick Bandcamp. And since you are there anyways buying the last two albums, you can go ahead and pick up this compilation from Peng, just in case you were missing some of these classy tunes.

Which is the perfect segue into the new EP from Kiano & Below Bangkok on Ready Mix Records.

Now safely in the world of Deep House, I have to say I am really enjoying this EP from Deephope on Deep Clicks.

And if you need something a bit more lush, Deported Music delivers with these two great tracks from our friends Soulight.

Then there is the new EP from Loz Goddard on Large Music. A big congratulations to him on this killer release.

Now this last track here from Ezlv on Save Room Records is really up my ally, deep and housey (is housey a word?) and perfect with a glass of wine and good conversation. Perfect way to end a day eh?


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