Q&A with Tom Lown

A big thank you to Tom for taking time out of his busy life to get involved with a quick little Q&A that is all business ;) Below is a little info about the man before we dive into the why of things.

Following a live music background, Tom Lown started DJing at various parties and clubs in London in the early 00′s including Peg and Plastic People. A move to New York City saw him pick up a residency at SubKulture and online outlets East Village Radio and Downshift Radio. Through his work at a New York studio, Tom composed and produced music for TV and commercials. Since returning to South East London, he’s had a string of well received releases on Sudup Recordings, Lost My Dog, 3am Recordings, Acryl Records, UM Records, Savoir Faire Musique and DeepWit Recordings.

And here is his latest release with us, his timeless and deep remix of “Oceanfront”.


Q. Name and Favorite Color?
A. Turquoise.

Q .Why do you bother making music?
A. Mainly because I enjoy it, I’m always learning with each new piece of music I write and a few people seem to quite like it which is nice.

Q. Favourite Genre of music outside of what you produce?
A. Soul, Down tempo stuff, Electronic…

Q. What time are you in bed on a typical Saturday night?
A. If I’m up with the kids in the morning then about 11. If not, then much later.

Q. What is the question you wished people would ask you?
A. Hmmm… (editors note : thats a terrible question!)

Q. What program do you use to Produce?
A. Logic.

Q. Favourite country to eat cake in?
A. Cheese Cake in New York is pretty good, otherwise any where in the UK.

Q. What do you get up to outside of music?
A. Looking after my 2 little kids Felix and Marni. (editors note : cute names)

Q. Do you have any other current releases out at the moment or about to come out?
A. Yes:
Spray Crazy (Tom Lown Remix), Pop Out & Play (5 & Dime Recordings),
In My Mind (Tom Lown Remix),  Jero Nougues (5 & Dime Recordings),
Spring Sky (Tom Lown Remix) – Oleg & Stereoteric (UM Records)
Also, working on new material under my new ‘Lucky Sun’ moniker which will be a totally new sound.

Make sure to catch up with Tom on his Website, Facebook and of course his Soundcloud. Thanks again for taking the time to get involved and for being a part of the DeepWit Family.


Distant Relatives JHB – Oceanfront

The start of Spring is well underway and kicking off this time of new beginnings and growth is a release from Distant Relatives JBH. This fresh young duo from Johannesburg, South Africa, are gaining traction with their lush and mildly tech flavoured style of Deep House that is driven by vibrant and moving percussion. Their sound has lead them to working with labels like Something Different Records and Deepmentality Records, having both releases featured on Beatport and Traxsource. The two Original tracks are accompanied by a remix from Tom Lown, who offers up an incredibly touching and deep lounge filled mix, as well as a remix from Gareth Bilaney who shakes it up with his harder hitting eclectically perfect catch for the dance floor.
This EP offers a wide range of both laid back and moving vibes, showcasing the range of what Deep House can stand for without boring you with the same sounds found everywhere else. Welcome to a new and vibrant season with DeepWit.

Selected Feedback

Laurent Garnier –  Superb House release with a top stuff on it. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!

Dk Watts (Bounce House Recordings) – cool EP…deep grooves which inspire good vibes. Garteh Bilaney’s remix is my fav.

Jesus Gonsev  (Troubled Kids Records) – Good deep sound! Originals for me.

Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades of House) – nice! love how light and fluffy this is!

Hippie Torrales (Cyberjamz & What is Hip) – Real smooth & sweet deep groove.

Nduduzo Smalz Ngobese  (Houseon Magazine) – Love the original! Big ups to the JOZI guys!

Rissa Garcia (Nightchild Records) – Lovely tune from these guys, was looking forward to this release just in time for warmer vibes thanks :)

Tim Angrave (The Chillout Lounge Mix) – Sublime sounds as ever, deep and delicious, thanks.

Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio) – Nice deeper tracks here. Gracias

Marco Deep  (Deepvibes Radio) – Super sounds, Tom Lown and original Deepest Love shine.Straight into this week’s radio playlist, thank you.

Tom Vagabondo (Midnight Express) – Amazing, love it, full support, radio, charts, gigs, gonna drop it @ Ministry of Sound in London , well done!

Max Volkholz – The main thing I love this EP for, is the perfect matching sound between the Originals and Remixes. The Artists succeed by bringing very loveley and extraordinary sound together. Another very groovy and genius sounding EP by DeepWit Rec.

Matt Prehn (Oh So Coy) – Smooth deep vibes really liking what Tom has done :)

Below Bangkok (Luna the Cat) – Smooth deep release, Deepest Love (Original Mix) is my fav!

Di Costa – Madly in love with this release. So much beauty in it. Both originals are just lovely, especially ‘Oceanfront’ – that percussion all along the track makes it even more hypnotic than I initially thought it was. Although I dig the originals a lot my highest of emotions get awaken by Tom Lown’s spectacular ride to some sort of imaginary heaven on earth (can’t help it, it just feels that way) and then the killing remix by Gareth Bilaney who nails it on spot! Full support for this amazing EP. Thank you, guys!


Oceanfront Banner

DeepWit Essentials Week 9 & 10

I just want to start off by saying that after three years, this will be my 100th post here on the DeepWit blog. In the years I have written about our releases, how to send demo’s, how to fight piracy, the music we love and I’ve been lucky enough to interview some of our favourite artists and label owners. With almost three years from our very first release, I have never been happier with our decision to start up DeepWit and I look forward to everything that comes next :)

Lets start off with the one medium I hope to get DeepWit involved in, in the future. This beautiful Vinyl from Dilby on Bondage Music is one for your collection.

Now for a quick run down of the last two weeks best tracks we have come across, starting out with our latest release from Adjust, the owner behind Cosmic Disco Records. This track may sound familiar as we released a different version last year on our Autumn Sampler. “Get Out (Flute Dub)” featuring you know, a flute and remixes from David Oniani and the guys behind Adaptation Music, Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor.

Chocky & Flumo Recordings, we love the music you release and this track is a great example of why.

This next one is from a really lovely release on Itom Records from Tibor Dragan, with three tracks to choose from, it was between the Original and the Marco Grandi Remix for us.

Onto a release from another regular label here on our blog chart, the latest release from What Happens from Jon Sweetname.

And this remix from Max Graef of KDIM on Odd Socks is just pure awesomeness.

Now for something from 1Trax and a new name for me, Silk 86. Really love the house floor groove of this track.

And for one more track for the floor we have a great take from Benny Grauer on Mood Music.

Now to move onto some really wickedly wonderfully LP’s. I love the well developed flow and the feel of being lost in a great album and all these three albums are exactly these types of Downtempo, Jazzy and Deep House moods that make perfect companions for everyday listening.

This album from from Flashbaxx is just stunning, quality music. I could easily loss myself in this album for hours and days on end. My neighbours will be hearing a lot of it this spring.

And if that wasn’t enough good music, I would highly recommend this outstanding album from Hamza. With a little more world beats flavour, its another Album for the music lovers.

To finish it off this week is a really unique and quality House & Deep House album from Alex Sosa on his label Lovely Records for those that need an album with a bit more umph in it.



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