Igor Dorohov feat. Lazarusman – I Wanna a Woman

This is what a deep summer sounds like, this is what desire sounds like. Igor Dorohov, a Moscow based producer, graces the label with his deep, smooth and captivating track “I Wanna a Woman” featuring the outstanding vocals of Lazarusman from South Africa. After appearing on labels like Acryl, Pesto, and In Deep Records, it is a privilege to welcome him to DeepWit. In this single, Igor embarks on a journey of funky bass lines, indelible refrains and a warmth that can only be found in proper Deep House. The first remix comes from a label favourite, Ivan Garci. His take includes his signature melodic sound combined with a flair of dreamy yet invigorating percussion and piano with only the occasional vocal sample thrown in for good measure. The final track is a remix from label boss Alvaro Hylander. As per usual, this producer of groove has set out to embrace not only the unique vocals but to wrap the track up in his signature sound and sensually carnal deepness. When it comes to making a dance floor full of deep house lovers move, nothing beats the lush sounds of Mr. Hylander.

I Wanna a Woman is a single aimed at those who love it deep, sensual and delightfully full of wanton grooves which almost every occasion calls for.

Selected Feedback

Lars Behrenroth – YES! lovely!

Laurent N. – Superb House release. Sounds & stuff are nice. Will play & SUPPORT !

Scott Harrington – Alvaro nails this. Very nice !

Chang Bang – Right on, I like it!

Sezer Uysal – Great remix from Alvaro ! thanks !

Russel Deeks (This Is Why We Dance) – Typically fine deep grooves from DeepWit!

Al Bradley  - Really nice & warm vibes throughout this release; particularly feeling the Alvaro version, just a solid bumpy vibe :)

Vanilla Ace – Original mix cool for warm up/poolside sets.

Hall North – Loving Ivan’s remix here. Wow.

Mark Mac – Laidback funk, Deep and Lush, with a twist of oldskool vibe …What else could you wish for in your music. Class Shear Class… DEEPWIT You know your tunes… 10/10

Bogdan Taran – Extremely quality deep house tracks, I like the vibe and vox. Orig and Alvaro Hylander are my favs.

Deep Active Sound  - Brilliant release. Alvaro Hylander remix for me. Thanks

And several dozen more top feedbacks from some of our favourite DJ’s and Producers. A big thank you to everyone who supports and plays the music!

Igor Dorohov

Best of DeepWit Vol. 2

Another year and another Best of DeepWit focusing on some of the most popular tracks in our back catalogue. These are tracks we feel helped define the label in 2012 and we hope you will find that these tracks still hold relevance and for those that remember them, good memories.


1. How It Was – Loz Goddard
2. Urbana – Tom Lown
3. Playground Moods – Ejeca
4. Glass Door (Tim Andresen Remix) – Thanos T.
5. Another Boring Love Song (Alvaro Hylander Remix) – Seraphine
6. Better Days – Prosis 
7. Is My Sound – Asona
8. Feel It In Your Soul (The Messenger Remix) – BiG Al
9. Rafayel (QMusse Dark Remix) – Lloyd Trimmer
10. Whatcha Want (Alvaro Hylander Remix) – Tim Andresen



Q&A with Distant Relatives JHB

Distant Relatives JHB are one of the many outstanding new acts coming out of South Africa right now. This duo, with their down to earth and friendly demeanours combining so smoothy with their deep and organic sound, made it nothing but a pleasure to have them grace DeepWit with their EP “Oceanfront”. This release, accompanied by remixes from Tom Lown and Gareth Bilaney garnered some serious support from across the board in the Deep House scene, featuring on dozens of radio shows and is now available for purchase everywhere that counts ;) With an eye to the what the future may hold for this duo we had a little Q&A to find out a little more about these mysterious guys from SA.

Q. Name and Favorite Color?

Ricky: Light Blue.
Mike: Red.

Q. How long have you been making music?

3 years together now.

Q. Why do you guys bother making music?

Ricky: Its my passion, my hobby, my entertainment, I just really enjoy making music.
Mike: The music allows me to express and showcase my emotions and feelings through the music which I find addictive.

Q. Favorite Genre of music outside of what you produce?

Mike: Old School Jazz and RnB.
Ricky: Acid Jazz, Lounge, Laidback underground Hip Hop.

Q. What program do you use to Produce?

Both: Ableton Live, we used to use Flstudio in our first year but we find the workflow so much smoother on Ableton Live.

Q. Must have piece of production software or equipment?

Mike: Midi Keyboard so you can explore more chord ideas and not be restricted by a mouse.
Ricky: Ableton and Midi Keyboard.

Q. Must have piece of equipment for life?

Mike: Laptop is a must have piece of equipment for life.
Ricky: Yeah agree with Mike and good sound.

Q. What are your favorite labels and or producers?

Mike: Gartenhaus, Deepwit, Hermine Records, Kina Music, Something Different and a lot more.
Ricky: Wow! Mikes on point, I would add Just Move Records as the best local label in S.A and also Frole Records, 8bit and Fina are great .

(Editors Note: Agreed about Just Move Recordings being the best S.A. label, great guys running it too!)

Q. What time are you in bed on a typical Saturday night?

Ricky: Usually early hours of the morning, we try to emerge ourselves in our local music scene as much as we can if not though its an early night.
Mike: If im not out enjoying the evening usually around 10.

Q. Whats your favorite animal?

Mike: Lion.
Ricky: Leopald or a wolf, yeah a silver wolf howling at the moon, that’s bad ass.

Q. What do you get up to outside of music?

Ricky: A good game of golf, a good party, a couple good friends.
Mike: Exploring the city, having a few drinks with friends.

Q. What is the question you wished people would ask you?

Ricky: Would you like to have my drum machines and synths for free? Sure, that’d be nice!

Make sure to catch up with them on Facebook and Soundcloud, the future is looking bright for these two.




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